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Brian our blade smith came to the United States from Scotland after WWII where his father served in North Africa and Italy with the British Army. As a young boy and lived and grew up in New York and Ohio. When he was 18 he enlisted in the United States Air Force and went to serve in Viet Nam as a Cargo Master supporting front line troops and operations across the theater. 

After his tour Brian moved to Southern California and worked making knives for Buck in El Cajon. He continued his tradesman path for 40 years and launched his own line under the Forrest Knives and Forrest Forge names.

After 40 + years of making knives he is still loving it and perfecting his craft. Brian loves forging and manipulating hot metal, grinding, shaping and creating. He has so many ideas in his imagination for new shapes and sizes of knives, tomahawks and peace pipes.

Brian uses recycled materials such as used farriers rasps, metal files, salvaged hardwood and also making his own Damascus from nickel and steel as well as silver and copper. His sheaths are made by a local saddle maker. He believes in the mantra: Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose.

handmade blade custom knife

In our commitment to our pledge of responsible knife making we only use bone and horn from naturally shed and collected from the environment by hand. We never use hunted or farmed animal products in our process. 

Brian is active in several associations and enjoys teaching new makers in the art of stock removal and metal working. He supports local youth and Veterans groups helping to promote a better and supportive community. 



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