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Kudu Horn Damascus Push Dagger with a Turquoise End Cap



  • Fully Functional Push Dagger with Custom Sheath

  • Kudu Horn Handle 

  • Twisted Nickel Damascus Blade

  • Pined Tang 

  • Nickel silver, Black, and White Fiber Spacers

  • Blue Turquoise Butt Cap

  • Custom Hand Tooled Leather Sheath with Replica Coin Concho



  • Damascus Steel by Twisted Nickel

  • Kudu Horn

  • Blue Turquoise composite

  • White and Black Fiber Liners

  • Nickel Silver spacer

  • Brown Tooled Leather Sheath 

  • Replica Coin Concho

  • Stamped Makers Mark


  • Overall Length: 5 1/2 inches

  • Blade Length: 3 1/2 inches

  • Handle Length: 5 inches

  • Blade Width: 2  1/4 inches

  • Weight: 10 oz



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Kudu Horn Push Dagger with Damascus Blade

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  • Push Dagger

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